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Collecting samples about flight-free travel


Hi !

I’m working on a train trilogy for my regular show on Cashmere Radio and the third episode will gather voice notes narrating grounded travel. Have you travelled by land or sea for holiday/work/other on distances that are usually traveled by plane? Would you like to share your experience? You can help me by recording yourself:



    • does not need to be on professional device (you can use your phone).
    • but you do need to speak very clearly.



    • English preferred, but other languages also possible.
    • Please introduce yourself first by saying your (nick)name and any other element of your identity that you’d like to share. If you would like to remain anonymous please just provide any kind of context for your journey and what allowed you to do this.
    • Explain where you travelled from and to and how (and if you would like to, why).
    • At least 20 seconds and not longer than 5 min.



    • If you want to talk about one journey in particular, please feel free to:
      • say how it went (positive and negative experiences both welcome),
      • if you’ve experienced difficulties related to climate catastrophes (storm, wildfires, flooding, etc.),
      • if you’ve made special encounters or seen anything beautiful,
      • if you’ve had particular insights,
      • or anything else!


    • If you are a regular train/ferry traveller, feel free to give tips:
      • on how to make a journey smoother or cheaper,
      • on what books to read, music to listen to or other activities you usually do on slower journeys,
      • on who/what inspired you towards a slower travelling style,
      • and share some of your most memorable trips,
      • and what you’ve learnt through them.




Please share this call with anyone you think might be interested. If there is any other type of audio content that might be relevant to the theme, I’m happy to hear it. Thank you 🙂



The first episode explored the social and environmental impacts of hypermobility:

The second episode was just music, to be listened to on a train/when reading:

Third episode coming up!!

April newsletter on extractivist art, atmospheric theft and earth day: “… a process of atmospheric colonisation” and more ressources on the slow gigging page.




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