2021.09 Les circuits courts artistiques et créatifs – PEW @ La Gaîté Lyrique

2021.09 “Who is tomorrow?” – Newsletter on Substack

2021.07 – Groupe de travail: “mobilité des artistes et gestion des carrières artistiques” organisé par le CNM

2021.04 “How would you define sustainability?” – Newsletter on Substack

2021.03 “How DJs can minimize their environmental impact?” – interview for L Destefanis BA in Music Business

2020.11 Is Where We Are Now – introduction of a zine I wrote in Lithuania

2020.09 NAC Library Talks on sustainable practices in arts, music, institutions and environmental awareness – Round table organized at NAC in Lithuania

2020.02 “Quand les DJ tentent de mixer écologie et tournées” – interview for Libération

2020.01 “In search of greener practices” – Panel at CTM and report by RA