2024.05.08 Workshop and panel at Nuits Sonores

2024.04 Article “Ecological Dilemma: The Need to Go Smaller” in Ecological Endeavours: Independent Sector’s Pursuit of Ecological Commitment for Reset!

2023.12.07 – Panel – Transmusicales (Rennes)

2023.12.05 – Panel – Forum de la culture durable (Charleroi)

2023.11.11 – Corso – Kunst und Pop from min 38 onwards (Deutschlandfunk)

2023.02.15 – Panel with Keychange (Brussels)

2023.02.09 – “Mobilité des artistes et du public dans le secteur des musiques actuelles” – Panel with Le Collectif des Festivals (Astropolis, Brest)

2022.12 “Colonisation was about temporal, as well as spatial invasion and displacement.” – newsletter on time, lateness and the temptation to “f*ck deutsche Bahn”

2022.10 “… an absolutely intuitive critique of the hyper-capitalistic nature of …” – newsletter on busy basements, empty floor and seeding communities

2022.10 We Make Tomorrow – one-day summit organised by Julie’s Bicycle

2022.09 “… at the core of an imperial mode of living.” – newsletter on libertarian logics, “existing in harmony” and two years of the newsletter

2022.08 Dancing between Party as Usual and Post-Growth Pleasures – panel host at queer festival Whole

2022.08 “… using paper straws while the rich take 9 minute flights …” – newsletter on flight-free threads, broken hearts and writer blocks

2022.07 “Three Years Left: On The Possibility Of Solidarity” – article for un:zine vol. 3, A New Us

2022.05 Panel at Wise By Day in Berlin

2022.05 “… not only demanding social justice, but also aesthetic justice …” – newsletter on air pollution, James Hillman and BIG BOLD L E T T E R S

2022.04 – Fictions #51 w/ Gigsta – On A Train (Part II: The Nickerchen Narratives) – a slower, softer and silent journey

2022.04 Can Climate Offsets Help Reduce Dance Music’s Carbon Footprint? – article written by Caroline Whiteley for RA on Earth Day

2022.04 Warm Up #1 : Le “Slow Gigging” avec Gigsta – interview in French with Laurent Bigarella (Câblé)

2022.04 “… a process of atmospheric colonisation.” – an edition of the newsletter sharing quotes from books on aviation, capitalism, mobility, degrowth and extractivist art

2022.04 Rencontres nationales – Ecologies et musiques actuelles (organized by the Fedelima in Paris à la Gaîté Lyrique)

2022.03 A survey to investigate the difficulties (and potential benefits) of slow(er) gigging for musicians

2022.03 Fictions #50 w/ Gigsta – In A Train (Pt I: Planes And Tales) – a 90min show investigating the aviation industry

2022.03 “… not a single story on the face of this earth is unrelated to climate change…” – an edition of the newsletter providing resources for aviation justice and reflecting on the relationship between the climate crisis and other contemporary situations of oppression

2022.02 Creative Sustainability on Refuge Worldwide – a discussion on radio w/ Eilidh McLaughlin

2021.10 A Promoter’s Guide To Reducing Carbon Emissions – an article written by Tal Fineman for Pirate.com

2021.09 Les circuits courts artistiques et créatifs – a video of a panel in French held at the Paris Electronic Week

2021.09 “Who is tomorrow?” – an edition of the newsletter reflecting on my experience at Dekmantel Selectors, a festival  which flies the vast majority of its line-up and crowd to the Croatian coast

2021.07 – Work group on “mobilité des artistes et gestion des carrières artistiques” organized by French, Centre National de Musique

2021.04 “How would you define sustainability?” – Newsletter on Substack

2021.03 “How DJs can minimize their environmental impact?” – interview for L Destefanis BA in Music Business

2020.11 Is Where We Are Now – introduction of a zine I wrote in Lithuania which discusses

2020.09 NAC Library Talks on sustainable practices in arts, music, institutions and environmental awareness – Round table organized at NAC in Lithuania

2020.02 “Quand les DJ tentent de mixer écologie et tournées” – interview for Libération (erratum: I am not a Vinyl-only DJ)

2020.01 “In search of greener practices” – Panel at CTM and reported by RA

2019.03 Last flight


Some grounded journeys are documented on my instagram page.


Resources on the ecological impacts of touring and flying:

Ben Start – Missions Over Emissions

Calculate flight emissions on Atmosphair

DJs4CA – Future Vision

Fictions #50 w/ Gigsta – In A Train (Pt I: Planes And Tales) – a 90min show investigating the aviation industry

“Last Night A DJ Took a Flight” Clean Scene Report

Tournées bas-carbone, transition écologique sur The Green Room