“i dance, it’s what i do” nono


N Vermoesen gets as much joy dancing to music as she does reflecting on it – either as an academic researcher, DJ, producer, promoter, radio host and zine maker.

As Gigsta (neither this Gigsta (UK), nor that GIGSTA (UK), simply the gigsta), her DJ-sets range widely: from the very slow to the very fast, the old to the brand new, the silly to the ultra-serious and often incorporating her own collages. Gigsta’s show on Cashmere Radio, Fictions, gives you a feel for the breadth of her enthusiasm (recent themed shows have covered bass music books, laughter, the cosmos, degrowth and Anne Garreta’s experimental novel Sphinx).

Currently based in Berlin, but born in Belgium and grown up in France, she has joined the queer femme and non-binary forward collective Room 4 Resistance as a resident and has been promoting her own Fictions parties across town. In the Sameheads basement, she regularly invites friends for all-night-long sweaty and bassy b2bs.

Her reputation for playful, sometimes obscure sets has been spreading across Europe too, although Gigsta’s schedule is organized at train-pace. She is currently not flying out of respect for the environment, embracing instead what she calls “slow gigging” and enjoying space to protect her passion. Gigsta doesn’t share any pictures of her face publicly and entertains a somewhat abrasive relationship to social media. She regularly shares and reflects on these practices via her newsletter on Substack.

As Noëmie Vermoesen, she is currently completing a PhD thesis in Comparative Literature analyzing and comparing Electronic Music criticism.






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