Felt w/ Fergus Jones & Gigsta (2021.11)

Live at Dekmantel Selectors in Croatia (2021.08): “Bailando, bailando, Amigos adiós, adiós, el silencio loco”

Awkwardly Social #6 on THF radio w/ MoMo (2021): in the 2nd hour

Heads Radio b2b w/ Minor Science at Sameheads (2021.04): Fictions take over w/ el monje (naga) and Johanna Knutsson

Music for Theatre Lobbies 8 for Schauspielhaus Zürich (2021.01)  ‘on the way, on the move, paused, postponed, out of sync, out of joint, provisional, practically absent, say, not here …’

Lamping, silvester edition feat C-Span, Gigsta, Minor Science & Sarj (2020.12) rooftops, fireworks & balloons

Zone Rouge #8 – Soa & Aasana invitent Gigsta (2020.10) “J’débarque, jogging, veste de costard ok”

Palanga Street Radio – Guest Show with Gigsta (2020.09) “from a very sensitive space”

Lamping w/ special guest Gigsta (2020.07) “drive safe!”

Fictions @ Sameheads: Gigsta b2b Joe b2b Minor Science (2020.01) sweaty memories

Dekmantel Podcast 265 (2020.01) ‘I know how to use the energy’

re:lax on NTS w/ Gigsta, Laksa, Minor Science & Re:ni (2019.12) xmas edition

Room 4 Resistance – ambient & experimental floor – Trauma Bar & kino (2019.11.30) A tale in four parts exploring mutations, transformations and rebirth from a queer and ecological perspective

Floor Function w/ Gigsta on 1020 Radio (2019.11) Bristol transmission

Red Light Radio (2019.09.23) ‘that there is none’ (full tracklist)

From the Depths x Fictions – Gigsta, Minor Science & Drakeford (2019.07.12) live recording from the Sameheads party played on NTS

Truancy Volume 244 (2020.06) “although she’s quick to tell us that slower change in tempo doesn’t necessarily mean a slower change in energy”

Boiler Room x Weather LSM on Soundcloud and Youtube (2020.04) “why don’t you show me your face?”

Hessle Audio feat. Ben Ufo & Gigsta (2019.03) “spending time with music people was confusing”

Marylou & Gigsta on Rinse FR (2019.03) Animals Special pt. II

Red Light Radio (2019.01.25) dank je well

Hyper Real Radio mit Michael Stangl/Opium Hum und Gigsta @ Fritz Radio (2018.11.23) mit einem Interview auf Deutsch “was treibt dich an?”

FTD records w/ Gigsta & Drakeford @ NTS radio ~ (2018.10.06) “in the latest years, I have become more difficult about with which music I still want to work” him, then me, then b2b

Gigsta on Lyl Radio (2018.07.25) 2018, pt. I dans l’urgence

Freerotation 2018: The House of Crocodiles (2018.07) recording of my set dedicated to Suzybee, Steevio & all the beautiful dancing souls

Oscillate Podcast N° 28 (2018.06) “what does the word energy mean to you?”

Gigsta on Noods Radio (2018.05) “we can’t be ignored any longer”

Rinse FR w/ Oxyd, Gigsta, Calcuta, MMPP, Théo Muller & Suprise Guests – 26 Janvier(2018.01.26) Midi Deux Tek Team

Gigsta & Minor Science on Lyl Radio (2017.12.07) two lil octopi looking back at their year

Midi Deux invite Gigsta sur Rinse France (2017.11.18) “bololo haha bololo hahaha”

Podcast pour Trax Magazine (2017.11) “of course you can”

White Lie & Gigsta sur Rinse France (2017.10.13) elle était mary-kate, je jouais ashley

Recording of my set at No symbols in London (2017.10) “big up u m8”

Rinse FM: Guest mix for Hodge (2017.08) “nos voix nous entrainaient dans un tumulte, nous nous sentions bien”

Berlin Community Radio: Live guest mix for UTA & Sarah Farina on Rec Room (2017.07) on the +140 tip

NTS Radio: Guest mix for Peverelist on the Livity Sound show (2017.05) nono’s dreams of sushi & rekkies

Astro Tremplin (2017.03) “la fête, c’est bien”

Rinse France: Guest mix pour Oxyd (2016.11) podcast de réparation

Podcast pour Midi Deux (2016.09) toutes les couleurs de la collec

Sounds Found On The Way (2016.07) ambient mix pour Average Negative

Tilos / Outline Radio (2016.06) guest mix pour Outline Radio

Mixunivers #1 (2016.04) pour Canal B (+ itw)

Hot Trax On Wax sur Radio Campus Rennes (2016.02)

La Cinquième Consulation sur Fréquence Mutine (2015.12)


Please note that I don’t pre-record guest mixes for other people’s radio shows anymore. I will however happily visit a radio station when I am in town and play live on radio. Thanks 🙂


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