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[Radio] Fictions #9

The very Best OF 2016

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[Curation] Echo Buecher

im helping out at ECHO BUECHER once in a while – Echo Buecher is one of my fav places in Berlin, its a space for club culture in Berlin, mainly selling books about dance music, sound art, pop thoery and everything related to music and culture really ! they also sell records, host lectures and exhibitions. ive always been posting books and stuff related to music on my own Instagram and i will now be sharing more via this page as well as curate events 🙂


[Radio] Fictions #8

Tribute to Mancuso

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[Mix] Pour Oxyd sur Rinse France

j’ai fait un petit mix pour une personne qui m’a beaucoup inspiré, en tant que DJ mais aussi en tant qu’être humain: Seb Oxyd

le podcast et la tracklist sont en ligne ici

la première heure, mixée et animée par Oxyd est particulièrement émouvante

[Radio] Fictions #6 & #7

2016.11.01 – F#7 – “Super Realistic Fictions weaving from quirky techno to smoky hip-hopy beats while leaning on the usual meta-reflexive quotes.”

2016.10.04 – F#6 – “As she couldn’t broadcast live from the studio this month, Gigsta recorded something a bit special at home. Currently writing a PhD on House and Techno criticism, she spent the last months reading UK rave mags from the 80s and the 90s. Not only did she find fascinating writings but she also (re)discovered interesting music. This Fictions is a story told by those who first witnessed the club culture that we are still enjoying today. Old tunes … fresh ears ! Special thanks to Daniel from the Archiv der Jugendkulturen in Kreuzberg :)”

[Mix] Midi Deux

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[Radio] Fictions #5

“These stories resemble real life and fictional characters within these stories react similarly to real people …”

Live and on my own in the studio for this september issue of Fictions 🙂 Diving through new releases, some records of my collection and a couple of samples.

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